About Matilde

Photography is not only my profession but above all my passion.
I cannot imagine life without it

For me photoghaphy is:

-always an open door to the world
-a chance
-another reality
-an escape
-a gesture of love
-looking at things in a different perspective
-a lighthearted but attentive glance onto the world
-when life goes by and memories remain

Education and Professional Work Experience

Matilde Maddalena was born on August of 1979 in the province of Arezzo.
She attended the Art Institute in Arezzo where she followed the Goldsmith Course. Subsequently she decided to continue her Art studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence where she took up painting, but with a particular interest in the photography course.

While her passion for this subject was getting stronger, her desire to know more about it was maturing within herself until she decided she would choose it as the topic of her thesis and then as a choice of life.
In 2003, subsequent to her academic experience, Matilde Maddalena attended a course organized by the province of Florence which tackled the issue of Communication, where photography, as a subject, was studied in more detail giving her the possibility to actively being granted access to the Halls of Laying in the area.

Hence, she started her collaboration with the Scala Group Archives, the Carini Industrial Photography, the Com & Media Advertising and Linea Show.
Apart from Advertising Photography, Matilde is continuing her research with dedication, participating in group exhibitions in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Prato.

Recently she has been cooperating with the Gucci Haute Couture Company for several photographic projects and she has opened her workshop in San Giovanni , where she is happy to greet her customers and show them her work.

Matilde Maddalena Fotografia